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At Slate Realty we think of ourselves as advisors and educators, not salespeople driven by quotas. We believe that no property can be perfect, making it all the more important for our team to be well-informed and candid as we guide you through the Toronto real estate market.

I’M BUYING We’ll find you the right home

A smart purchase decision can only be made with all the information—both pros and cons—at your disposal. Our job is to act as your advisor, and to be completely candid with you about those details. Our lives revolve around our homes. We’ll see to it that you find the right one.

While we love to view properties with our clients, we work hard to be more than just a friendly presence.

The best buyer agents must:
  • Understand not only your criteria, but your taste and lifestyle. We ask a lot of questions upfront, which enables us to narrow in on and recommend the best properties for you in the market.
  • Inform you of all of the expenses involved in your real estate purchase, from legal fees to land transfer taxes. We know these are not the good kind of surprise.
  • Give you straight, candid advice on each property. Our job is to give you both pros and cons, to serve as an objective set of eyes, and to ask questions that encourage you to think carefully about any property you’re considering.
  • Know how to give you a competitive advantage in negotiations. In a buyer’s market, we’ll make sure you buy a property at the lowest reasonable price with the best conditions. In a seller’s market, we’ll advise you on how best to present your offer among any competing offers, and we’ll make your offer the strongest possible without simply offering the most money. .
Interested in learning more about us?

Give us a call or send an email. Feel free to test our knowledge about a development or a neighbourhood. You’ll quickly learn that we do things differently than most brokers: you’ll only get transparent, frank advice, and never any sales pitch.

I’m Selling We’ll sell your home
for its maximum value

If you ask 5 appraisers for the value of your home, they’ll all give you a different number. Does that mean they’re all wrong? Absolutely not. The value of your home can be justified on a price spectrum that can vary between 2% - 6%. Our job is not only to make the selling process effortless for you, but to sell your home on the absolutely highest end of that spectrum. And we’re quite good at doing just that.

We love working with sellers. This is when we can flex our creative muscles.

The best listing agents must:
  • Determine how best to position your property in the market. Along with us come a team of Toronto’s best stagers, photographers, videographers, content writers and graphic designers—all working together to showcase your property’s strengths while minimizing its weaknesses. Our objective is for each buyer to not only see themselves living in the property, but to believe it will enhance their quality of life.
  • Determine the value. While most agents review only recently sold properties, we go much further. We assess the constantly changing market conditions in your neighbourhood as well as current competing listings, which in many cases can carry more weight than the recently sold properties.
  • Establish whether it’s prudent to sell or buy first. There are a lot of variables to consider before making this decision, such as the amount you’ll net for your property at current market conditions and which of the two transactions will be easier to accomplish.
Interested in learning more about us?

Interested in learning more about what we can do for you? Give us a call or send an email and we can discuss your property value and our recommended listing strategy. We look forward to speaking to you!

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Lorena Beccari


416-399-2848 |

Lorena has assisted buyers and sellers in Toronto’s real estate market for over ten years. Her many returning clients are evidence of her skills as a top agent and successful real estate investor—her home was even featured in a prominent interior design magazine. For Lorena, real estate is not a job but a passion. She loves what she does and she does it well.

When we at Slate asked Lorena what sets her apart from other brokers, her answer was: “Most brokers forget that real estate is all about marketing. Staging and advertising are my top priorities when representing sellers. I’ve seen many beautiful properties that could have sold for so much more if they were just staged and presented better. For buyers, it’s the opposite. You need to see beyond the marketing, and determine if the home is right for you. I try to encourage my buyer clients to look at a purchase objectively so they can make the most informed decision.”

Lorena left her position as a director in print and web publications because she knew she could do so much more in real estate. Her skills acquired as a professional marketer for large companies—her connections within the marketing world; her innate artistic talent, and sharp eye—translate into a dedicated professional who knows how to get the best value for her clients.

Nathaniel Hartree-Hallifax


416-317-5141 |

A globetrotter and architecture connoisseur, Nathaniel Hartree-Halifax is a man with many talents and passions. If you ever have a conversation with Nathaniel, you’ll never struggle to find common ground, whether it’s in Italian renaissance art, Eastern European culture and geography, or delicious Caribbean cuisine.

Like in all aspects of his life, Nathaniel always goes above and beyond for his clients and his work. Before he joined Slate, he worked at CIBC as a fraud analyst for seven years. His uncanny ability to preempt obstacles means his clients can trust they’re in good hands.

Adding Nathaniel to our team has been a major plus. When we asked him why he left his career in finance to become a real estate broker, his answer was that he wanted to “do something that left a mark on downtown Toronto. A person’s home has a great impact on their quality of life.”

Nathaniel hopes to leave a mark by helping others with such a pivotal decision in their lives.

Paul Stavro-Beauchamp


416-818-0393 |

After having purchased more than ten properties, it was clear to Paul that he had a knack for real estate. Since then, Paul has proven to be among the top brokers in Toronto, known for his candor, honesty and integrity. When advising his clients, he doesn’t pull any punches—and his clients appreciate it very much.

Paul loves the negotiating process and the satisfaction of finding the perfect home for his clients. He has built his reputation as a broker who knows his stuff: the in and outs of Toronto’s real estate markets, each neighbourhood and all it has to offer, and the intricacies in marketing your property for a successful sale.

Partly why Paul knows so much about real estate is because he’s been everywhere: West and Eastern Europe, Japan, China, South East Asia. He knows the markets here and around the world. And he knows how best to navigate his clients through the challenges of Toronto’s competitive real estate market.








Jenn Costigan


416-817-0240 |

Jenn Costigan is the go-to-girl for those looking for an agent that is both approachable and an expert in real estate. Her upbeat personality and hard working commitment to her clients make the entire experience a pleasure.

Jenn comes from a professional background in the sales and service/event marketing industry which explains her undeniable commitment to excellence in customer service and her devotion to her clients in finding them the perfect home. She enjoys a challenge and her passion and commitment to her clients is always evident.

“I love helping people find a new home. The experience, the process and the satisfaction of the end result is so rewarding. Real estate is really one of the few jobs that make you feel like you’re contributing meaningfully in a person’s life.”

Jenn has travelled extensively but always returned to her hometown, Toronto where her passion and love for her city made the move to real estate a natural fit.

Jenn’s experience in advertising and negotiations; her natural charisma and dedicated work ethic, combined with her passion makes her an impressive broker. She epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work, and produces creative results in every step of your real estate transaction!

Jeff Zhong


647-855-6045 |

Jeff credits the birth of his passion for Real Estate to an event that took place when he was just 12 years old: his parents decided to purchase a new house! In the process of encountering different homes with his parents and their Realtor, Jeff made impactful memories as a child, that would one day manifest in a successful career in Real Estate.

Born in China, Jeff is fluent in Mandarin. He has moved around North America extensively, from San Diego to Vancouver, Ottawa, and finally settling in Toronto because of the wealth of culture and experiential activities the city offers.

In Toronto, Jeff attended Rotman Commerce at U of T where he specialized in Accounting and majored in Economics. After graduating, Jeff worked in E-Commerce for almost two years. Upon realizing his desk job was not feeding his desire to help people, he left to finally start his long-awaited career in Real Estate. Taking inspiration from his father, who, as a successful entrepreneur himself, motivated Jeff to practice business, Jeff maintains the number one lesson he has learned from his father's business values: hard work, hard work, hard work.

Jeff endeavours to inform clients on the importance of "keeping a balance between finding the perfect family home and considering the potential long-term investment values". He keeps this balance in his own personal life, with his career in Real Estate and passionately socializing with and exploring the city, to have a better grip on the pulse of the market. This balancing act goes a long way when interacting with clients and advising them on neighbourhoods and properties. When we asked Jeff about his business style, Jeff firmly maintained: "my style is more designed to support my clients in making an informed decision, rather than pushing a sale".

Alexander Hood


416-889-7507 |

With his experience working for a large firm and his previous time in wholesale, sales, and design, Alex Hood is as comfortable discussing the ebbs and flows of the market as he is critiquing the layout of a home. While Alex was quite successful working for a large brokerage — so much so that he became recognized as an expert on Toronto condos — he felt the desire to be part of a more intimate team.

In joining Slate Realty Inc., Alex was able to achieve that desire — and Slate gained an agent with a proven track record and a honed approach to sales: “While some agents rely too heavily on technology, others are just too far behind to keep up with today's modern market. When helping buyers, I find a balance of cutting edge technology and an understanding of my clients wants and needs, helps find the best possible value in their criteria. When selling a property, I use this knowledge of what buyers are looking for, to market my listings to the right people.”

Alex’s approach, coupled with his insights into the communities that comprise the GTA, enables him to help his clients make the most important purchase of their lives — in the neighbourhood that best suits their lifestyle.





Van Rhijn


Steven Micallef


416-464-3116 |

Steven Micallef has been a great addition to the Slate Realty Inc Team, and his friendly, detail oriented approach has resonated with his clients. Steven’s path to real estate was anything but straight forward — he began as an art instructor, teaching art to underprivileged youths through a non profit organization.

After changing careers and pursuing real estate, Steven quickly found that his problem solving abilities and creative thinking allowed him to easily navigate the market and find creative solutions to any problems that arise for his clients.

“I’m always eager to share my knowledge of the real estate market and investing, because I find that educating clients is one of the quickest ways to build a lasting relationship.” Because Steven stays on top of current trends, he’s never caught off guard by changes in the market; which is something that has resonated with his clients.

Tim Paton


416-277-8705 |

Tim Paton joined Slate Realty in 2018, after over a decade’s experience at a top commercial real estate brokerage. Tim has since become our go-to for any and all things commercial real estate. Contact Tim if you’re looking for an expert who is as candid as he is solution oriented.

Robert Van Rhijn


416-912-6445 |

Since 2008, Robert has worked through both up and down markets, and with a variety of clients; from first-time-buyers to seasoned investors. After five years at a large-scale real estate firm that set quotas for their agents, he left and founded Slate Realty—a more intimate brokerage with a smaller group of like-minded agents, all working together in a completely non-competitive environment.

Robert believes in carefully selecting agents who show dedication, empathy, eagerness to learn and of course a knack for working with people. Our roster has now grown into a small team of agents—all of whom work hard to keep our clients informed and to ensure they make smart purchase and selling decisions. We want to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, and believe that is only possible if we earn your trust and respect through our actions.

As well as acting as broker-of-record and founder, Robert continues to serve his clients and considers himself fortunate to work with such a strong team of like-minded agents.

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