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At Slate Realty we think of ourselves as advisors and educators, not salespeople driven by quotas. We believe that no property can be perfect, making it all the more important for our team to be well-informed and candid as we guide you through the Toronto real estate market.

I’M BUYING We’ll find you the right home

A smart purchase decision can only be made with all the information—both pros and cons—at your disposal. Our job is to act as your advisor, and to be completely candid with you about those details. Our lives revolve around our homes. We’ll see to it that you find the right one.

While we love to view properties with our clients, we work hard to be more than just a friendly presence.

The best buyer agents must:
  • Understand not only your criteria, but your taste and lifestyle. We ask a lot of questions upfront, which enables us to narrow in on and recommend the best properties for you in the market.
  • Inform you of all of the expenses involved in your real estate purchase, from legal fees to land transfer taxes. We know these are not the good kind of surprises.
  • Give you straight, candid advice on each property. Our job is to give you both pros and cons, to serve as an objective set of eyes, and to ask questions that encourage you to think carefully about any property you’re considering.
  • Know how to give you a competitive advantage in negotiations. In a buyer’s market, we’ll make sure you buy a property at the lowest reasonable price with the best conditions. In a seller’s market, we’ll advise you on how best to present your offer among any competing offers, and we’ll make your offer the strongest possible without simply offering the most money. .
Interested in learning more about us?

Give us a call or send an email. Feel free to test our knowledge about a development or a neighbourhood. You’ll quickly learn that we do things differently than most brokers: you’ll only get transparent, frank advice, and never any sales pitch.

I’m Selling We’ll sell your home
for its maximum value

If you ask 5 appraisers for the value of your home, they’ll all give you a different number. Does that mean they’re all wrong? Absolutely not. The value of your home can be justified on a price spectrum that can vary between 2% - 6%. Our job is not only to make the selling process effortless for you, but to sell your home on the absolutely highest end of that spectrum. And we’re quite good at doing just that.

We love working with sellers. This is when we can flex our creative muscles.

The best listing agents must:
  • Determine how best to position your property in the market. Along with us come a team of Toronto’s best stagers, photographers, videographers, content writers and graphic designers—all working together to showcase your property’s strengths while minimizing its weaknesses. Our objective is for each buyer to not only see themselves living in the property, but to believe it will enhance their quality of life.
  • Determine the value. While most agents review only recently sold properties, we go much further. We assess the constantly changing market conditions in your neighbourhood as well as current competing listings, which in many cases can carry more weight than the recently sold properties.
  • Establish whether it’s prudent to sell or buy first. There are a lot of variables to consider before making this decision, such as the amount you’ll net for your property at current market conditions and which of the two transactions will be easier to accomplish.
Interested in learning more about us?

Interested in learning more about what we can do for you? Give us a call or send an email and we can discuss your property value and our recommended listing strategy. We look forward to speaking to you!

our Team We’re here to help





Van Rhijn


Victoria D'Ilario


905-931-4428 |

Quit-witted and incredibly reliable, Victoria D'Ilario meets all trials and tribulations with a friendly disposition — as well as an admirable gift for multitasking.

Victoria earned her way to a real estate career, achieving a BA while acquiring invaluable customer relations experience and working several jobs to pay the bills. Did we mention she’s good at multitasking? Unsurprisingly, Victoria’s problem-solving skills and professionalism drew the attention of employers, and Victoria was offered a management role at General Motors. To Slate’s benefit, Victoria made the jump to a career in real estate.

Victoria has been praised by clients for her work ethic and dedication, and Strata is fortunate to have her on the team.

“Customer satisfaction in real estate is all about balance — managing the needs of multiple clients and working to ensure that all of my clientele feel they have my full support and intention. It’s a challenge, but it’s a challenge that brings so much joy.”

Lorena Beccari


416-399-2848 |

Lorena has assisted buyers and sellers in Toronto’s real estate market for over ten years. Her many returning clients are evidence of her skills as a top agent and successful real estate investor—her home was even featured in a prominent interior design magazine. For Lorena, real estate is not a job but a passion. She loves what she does and she does it well.

When we at Slate asked Lorena what sets her apart from other brokers, her answer was: “Most brokers forget that real estate is all about marketing. Staging and advertising are my top priorities when representing sellers. I’ve seen many beautiful properties that could have sold for so much more if they were just staged and presented better. For buyers, it’s the opposite. You need to see beyond the marketing, and determine if the home is right for you. I try to encourage my buyer clients to look at a purchase objectively so they can make the most informed decision.”

Lorena left her position as a director in print and web publications because she knew she could do so much more in real estate. Her skills acquired as a professional marketer for large companies—her connections within the marketing world; her innate artistic talent, and sharp eye—translate into a dedicated professional who knows how to get the best value for her clients.

Robert Van Rhijn


416-912-6445 |

Since 2008, Robert has worked through both up and down markets, and with a variety of clients; from first-time-buyers to seasoned investors. After five years at a large-scale real estate firm that set quotas for their agents, he left and founded Slate Realty—a more intimate brokerage with a smaller group of like-minded agents, all working together in a completely non-competitive environment.

Robert believes in carefully selecting agents who show dedication, empathy, eagerness to learn and of course a knack for working with people. Our roster has now grown into a small team of agents—all of whom work hard to keep our clients informed and to ensure they make smart purchase and selling decisions. We want to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, and believe that is only possible if we earn your trust and respect through our actions.

As well as acting as broker-of-record and founder, Robert continues to serve his clients and considers himself fortunate to work with such a strong team of like-minded agents.







Galina Sheveleva


647-801-8941 |

Comprehensive — best describes Galina Sheveleva’s approach to real estate. An enthusiastic believer in open communication and crystal clear expectations, Galina’s confidence and compassionate disposition has enabled her to provide detailed breakdowns of the market to her clients, without overwhelming them with information. As a result, she’s flourished as an agent.

"Whether you're looking to buy or sell, my goal as an agent is not only to negotiate the best deal for you but also to take the stress out of the experience so that you can focus on being excited about your move."

Galina Joined the Slate Realty team as a seasoned real estate agent, owning an admirable resume of past accomplishments: Galina has a post graduate degree in communications and public relations, and she worked in marketing before earning her real estate license. She’s seen all that the market can throw at her, having represented clients from across the Greater Toronto Area, and from a wide array of different backgrounds. Galina has faced the trials and tribulations of the real estate market, and she’s succeeded at every turn — to the benefit of her clients.

Jenn Costigan


416-817-0240 |

Jenn Costigan is the go-to-girl for those looking for an agent that is both approachable and an expert in real estate. Her upbeat personality and hard working commitment to her clients make the entire experience a pleasure.

Jenn comes from a professional background in the sales and service/event marketing industry which explains her undeniable commitment to excellence in customer service and her devotion to her clients in finding them the perfect home. She enjoys a challenge and her passion and commitment to her clients is always evident.

“I love helping people find a new home. The experience, the process and the satisfaction of the end result is so rewarding. Real estate is really one of the few jobs that make you feel like you’re contributing meaningfully in a person’s life.”

Jenn has travelled extensively but always returned to her hometown, Toronto where her passion and love for her city made the move to real estate a natural fit.

Jenn’s experience in advertising and negotiations; her natural charisma and dedicated work ethic, combined with her passion makes her an impressive broker. She epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work, and produces creative results in every step of your real estate transaction!

Upsham Kamboj


647-633-2787 |

A great communicator by nature, Upsham Komboj has a gift for converting the most difficult conversations into a pleasant exchange. It’s a skill he nurtured while working for Air Canada as a flight attendant; if you’ve spent any time travelling, then you know how crucial that skill can be.

Upsham positively loved travelling the globe and absorbing new cultures and experiences, but real estate had always appealed to him. After completing his degree in City studies at the University of Toronto — and gaining considerable expertise in policy formation and the subtleties of city planning — Upsham made the career jump to real estate.

With his tech savvy approach, eye for interior design and considerable market knowledge, Upsham has excelled in the Toronto condo market and has proven himself as a highly efficient member of the Slate team.

"I was drawn to Strata for the boutique environment and the idea of working collaboratively as a team to help my clients navigate the buying and selling process. As we often say, 'None of us are as smart as all of us' and I believe there’s no team better suited to helping clients find a place to call home.”







Riley McKinley


647-983-6998 |

Amicable and always candid — Riley McKinley has a knack for quickly building a rapport with his clients. Leaning on his extensive knowledge of the GTA, Riley’s shown a unique ability to spot the underutilized areas in the city. His dependability and honest outlook on transactions makes sure that Riley’s clients have all the relevant facts and clear expectations.

Riley’s prior studies in computer science — at York University — and his considerable experience in the customer service industry has tailored his skill set to the modern real estate industry; where web knowledge and IT expertise can be as important as great communication skills. Riley understands the challenge of purchasing a home and he truly desires to help his clients achieve their goals.

“Whether you want to live in your home or rent it, buying a home is in my opinion, the greatest investment one can make: Owning a home sets you up with a financial foundation that you can build upon — and as your agent, it’s my job to make sure that we find the right foundation.”

Cyrus Ghazvini


416-505-1150 |

Cyrus Ghazvini has the luxury of drawing on over 15 years of real estate experience, but in truth, his journey into the industry started long before: growing up in a household with two real estate agents gave Cyrus firsthand knowledge of the highs and lows of a real estate career. Countless agents can call on years of experience, but few can claim to have learned the ins and outs as a child.

Upon completing his BA, Cyrus sought out a career of his own in the industry and soon found prosperity. In time, he would be managing his parent’s brokerage, gaining invaluable on the job experience.

A friendly demeanor and excellent communication skills have been the driving force behind his success, and a lifetime in and around the industry has shown him the necessity of keeping perspective. “Advances in technology and increased transparency has empowered buyers, renters and sellers, but having a competent, knowledgeable agent remains as worthwhile and valuable as ever.”

Francisco Hiebert


416-984-9043 |

Francisco Hiebert approaches every client with the same intent — to handle all the logistics, so they can focus on finding home-sweet-home.

“A home is the single largest purchase in most people’s lives. It’s a deeply emotional process, which is why I treat real estate as a relationship driven process, rather than a simple transaction. By providing my clients with all of the key information, they are able to make the most informed decision possible.”

Francisco’s no stranger to pressure — he worked as a senior stylist for a decade before making a career turn towards real estate. Though the pressure and the stakes weren’t quite as high as with real estate, it was in the salon that Francisco perfected the art of balancing the interests of multiple clients against tight time constraints.

His driven nature and friendly disposition made for a smooth transition into the real estate industry, where Francisco has swiftly accumulated a portfolio of happy clients.







Monica Mak


416-838-0869 |

For Monica Mak, working in real estate made too much sense to ignore; long before she was closing deals and impressing clients, Monica would regularly attend open houses to satisfy her curiosity. A love of architecture is what drove her to become an agent, but it’s her candor and dedication that’s allowed her to succeed.

“My number one priority is to make sure my clients are informed; there’s a lot of conflicting information out there, so having the right information is key to making an informed decision, whether you’re a buyer, renter, seller, or investor.”

Along with her enthusiasm for the job, Monica touts the experience of a renter, buyer, and investor; as the owner of an income property, Monica knows the importance of a great investment, and is always happy to share her expertise.

Sam Massoudi


416-805-7787 |

Sam Massoudi is an agent with an abundance of talents — he's fluent in English, French and Farsi, has a knack for design and decor, and valuable experience in research and analysis. Having lived and studied in both the Middle East and United Kingdom, Sam can relate to people of all cultures and backgrounds, and is comfortable regardless of the setting.

After receiving a Master's Degree in Engineering — despite his claim that he's not a 'typical Engineering guy' — Sam decided to pursue a career that fostered his love of home decor, and found an opportunity to do so in real estate. His analytical abilities and aptitude for complex negotiations have allowed him to consistently exceed his client's expectations; especially when helping them see the potential in their new home.

“I’ve always been really into interior design and the arts, that’s what drew me to this industry, but the satisfaction that comes with knowing my clients got the best deal possible is what makes this job so fulfilling.”

Dilyar Kurban


647-669-9456 |

Always on task — Dilyar Kurban’s enthusiasm and work ethic has left a lasting impression on his clients. Relationship building is at the forefront of Dilyar’s approach; during his time in Toronto’s real estate market he’s consistently displayed a willingness to rise to his client’s expectations and find clever remedies during difficult negotiations.

Before working in real estate, Dilyar studied marketing at college and managed his parents’ business in his off-time. After completing his marketing program, Dilyar moved directly into real estate, swiftly gaining a reputation as an incredibly dependable agent, and someone with an eye for real estate trends.

“Many people think that Toronto is expensive or overvalued, but compared to other major cities across North America like San Francisco or New York, our price per-square-foot is still very reasonable. The city of Toronto has enormous growth potential — particularly in the tech sector. Buyers, sellers, and investors should feel very optimistic about our city’s future.”







Anna Wong


416-606-3159 |

Anna Wong has many tools at her disposal. She’s an agent with a passion for both design and real estate, as well, a robust knowledge of the construction industry. Anna takes pride in being a hands-on agent who guides her clients through all facets of the home buying and selling experience. Anna is committed to making certain that her client’s goals and needs are met, whether that means finding the ideal family home or an investment opportunity.

She graduated from Ryerson School of Interior Design, the number one ranked interior design school in Canada and recognized worldwide. Anna’s education covered the practical and theoretical aspects of interior design, enabling her to acquire a detailed understanding of interior design, interior architecture, and construction.

After graduating at the top of her class, Anna worked for a celebrated interior design firm in Toronto. Her interest in the construction industry led her to work with a number of material supply companies, gaining extensive knowledge of building materials; countertops, tiles, and millwork. Anna’s career path fostered a desire to create her own business specializing in renovation and design-build homes, granting her a unique perspective on the real estate market.

“I strive to provide my clients with a complete service and ensure that they can make well-informed decisions when buying or selling their property. Does the property fit their needs? What type of renovations are possible and at what cost? Can the value be increased? Is it a good investment? These are all questions I can answer.”

Larry Medina


647-864-8580 |

Enthusiastic and driven by an entrepreneurial soul, Larry Medina’s mix of business insight and his eye for design and colour palettes has allowed him to guide his clients to the most functional layouts and the greatest investment opportunities.

Prior to joining the Slate Realty team, Larry flourished in the demanding and highly competitive fashion industry. Larry’s activities covered costing negotiations and overseeing budgets, sales, designing, and curating styles. Having such experience with large budgets and also the knowledge of how to use comps in market assessments made the transition into real estate a no brainer.

When working with clients, Larry relies heavily on strategizing. By identifying trends and utilizing analytics, Larry has consistently been able to turn data and market knowledge into real world results. Larry’s friendly demeanour and excellent communications abilities have left a resounding impression on clients.

“I’m always quick to offer my insights into the best look or layout for a potential home, and what I’d expect a renovation to cost. Real estate is about much more than just sales — it's about finding that perfect place that feels like home. To that end, I’m constantly pushing to ensure my clients feel their needs are heard and represented.”

Patrick Graham


416-268-5943 |

A proven condo expert with comprehensive knowledge of the Toronto market, Patrick Graham is known to go the extra mile for his clients. Patrick’s client discovery process ensures that he always meets his clients needs, whether that’s identifying buildings with pet friendly policies, assessing the quality of construction materials, or highlighting the not-so obvious pitfalls of a location.

“As an Agent who exclusively specializes in the Toronto condo market, I have perfected my client-first discovery process to uncover all of the minor details that matter most to you. My understanding of the condo market fueled by my mission to ensure you have a great experience ensures you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for.”







Jessie Pereira


647-808-0997 |

With a background in marketing and 10 years experience as a legal assistant — Jessie Pereira has some unique tools at her disposal; she knows the ins and outs of a real estate transaction and is always prepared for unexpected circumstances. Jessie’s experience with leases is particularly helpful given the competitive nature of Toronto’s rental market.

Though Jessie is driven to succeed, she never sacrifices her clients needs for a quick sale: I pride myself on my commitment to my clients and always operating with honesty and integrity: Helping to make their dreams come true is of the utmost importance to me.”

Knowledgeable, hardworking and personable — Jessie is motivated by a genuine affinity for her career; something that her clients have taken note of. Slate Realty is fortunate to add such a dedicated agent to the team; our clients are fortunate to have her services.

Gilda Motamed


416-902-6797 |

Gilda Motamed has been known to wear many hats; her insight into the inner workings of the condo market is second to none, and she possesses an elite sales background and significant experience working with mortgages.

Enthusiastic and adaptive — Gilda marries integrity and honesty with real world financial expertise. In Gilda’s prior career she performed a key role in helping her clients strategize their way out of rental units and into their first owned property; from aiding self employed professionals in securing a mortgage to evaluating stacks of financial documents for a seasoned investor, Gilda operated with ambition and consistency, no matter the stakes.

When Gilda worked in sales for L Brands, she ranked within the top 100 for sales in North America. Her impressive career accomplishments are supported by a Financial Mathematics degree obtained from the University of New Brunswick.

“With so much of real estate now taking place online, it’s never been more essential to have a qualified voice in your ear. Buyers and sellers are overburdened with information, and it’s my job to identify what really matters in the process and to formulate a consistent plan from qualification to purchase.”

Alex Hood


416-889-7507 |

With his experience working for a large firm and his previous time in wholesale, sales, and design, Alex Hood is as comfortable discussing the ebbs and flows of the market as he is critiquing the layout of a home. While Alex was quite successful working for a large brokerage — so much so that he became recognized as an expert on Toronto condos — he felt the desire to be part of a more intimate team.

In joining Slate Realty Inc., Alex was able to achieve that desire — and Slate gained an agent with a proven track record and a honed approach to sales: “While some agents rely too heavily on technology, others are just too far behind to keep up with today's modern market. When helping buyers, I find a balance of cutting edge technology and an understanding of my clients wants and needs, helps find the best possible value in their criteria. When selling a property, I use this knowledge of what buyers are looking for, to market my listings to the right people.”

Alex’s approach, coupled with his insights into the communities that comprise the GTA, enables him to help his clients make the most important purchase of their lives — in the neighbourhood that best suits their lifestyle.

De La Cruz






Peter De La Cruz


437-983-2885 |

Thanks to his considerable background in customer service, Peter has always operated with a client focused mindset. Understanding and prioritizing client’s needs, in accordance with his friendly but professional demeanor has enabled Peter to foster long standing relationships with clients. Trust and transparency had been paramount to his success.

Between his appreciation for real estate and interior design and his prior studies in Business management, real estate was the perfect profession to pursue. "It’s one of the most vital sectors in this ever-changing economy; not only does it provide accumulated wealth, it’s also a place to call home and build memories: to be able to assist clients in this endeavor is one of the most rewarding feelings".

With his ability to interpret changing trends in the GTA’s real estate market and his predisposition to the industry, Peter’s prowess is undeniable. Utilizing a meticulous and strategic approach, Peter caters to client’s needs by providing sound advice and tailored recommendations to turn real estate dreams into reality.

Andrew Fargnoli


416-705-7047 |

In 2016, Andrew Fargnoli chose to pursue a new career path in real estate after 17 years in the alcohol and beverage industry. Thanks to his time in alcohol and beverage, he’d already acquired the critical networking and customer relations skills needed to excel, making for a smooth transition, and immediate success. But what really drives Andrew is the rewarding experiences that come from helping his clients find a home.

“I certainly enjoy working with more seasoned buyers and investors, but I have a special place for first time homebuyers who are trying to forge their own path. However, even the most independent first time buyers need some guidance. I’ve always had an eye for things that people miss, so If I can point out that one detail that might have been overlooked, then I’ve made a difference.”

Formerly of London, Ontario, Andrew relocated to Toronto back in 1990 and has lived in the city ever since. Andrew has a passion for volunteer coaching, and that passion has served dual purpose in giving him both satisfaction and an intimate understanding of Toronto and its various communities—an understanding that affords his clients a leg up in their search.

Milan Mitrovic


647-616-5276 |

From playing for the Montenegro Junior national basketball team, to studying at Queen’s University, to graduating from the renowned Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts — Milan Mitrovic’s life has long carried him off the beaten path.

Milan balances an outgoing disposition with life experience that’s not easily acquired; he worked for years as the owner and operator of a number of income properties in both Montenegro and Vancouver, developing an eye for investment prospecting. As a real estate agent, Milan’s always thrilled to encounter clients who are set on achieving home ownership in such a competitive housing market.

“Buying a home in this city is a big deal, and it’s not something that everyone has an opportunity to accomplish. Getting the chance to help buyers take this huge step forward and share in their optimism is so satisfying, and it’s part of what makes this industry extraordinary.”

A natural athlete, an amateur guitarist, and a trained actor, Milan's content discussing workout routines, music and films — or summarising evolving real estate trends and potential listings; it’s a blend of professionalism and personability that clients appreciate.







Taryn Mooradian


289-242-2994 |

Plenty of clients can spot the right aesthetic if they see it — few enjoy the luxury of employing a real estate agent who’s been trained to identify the nuances in design. Taryn Mooradian’s expertise as an agent is supported by a Fine Arts Degree from OCAD, mastering in drawing and painting.

Taryn compliments her academic successes with substantial networking experience. Supporting herself as a receptionist in university — Taryn accepted a position as an event coordinator at a non-profit upon graduating, where she worked to advance education access as well as hosted events that were attended by lawyers and even supreme court judges.

Finding uncovered gems in the GTA is a talent that comes easily for Taryn, allowing her to flourish in the real estate industry. “The city is filled with these magical little places that often go unnoticed, and I love seeking out these hidden areas for my clients. I believe there’s a right fit out there for everyone and I won’t stop until we find it.”

Hardly one to sit idle in her off time — Taryn enjoys surfing the lake, playing golf and tennis, and she’s also classically trained in ballet.

Nathaniel Hartree-Hallifax


416-317-5141 |

A globetrotter and architecture connoisseur, Nathaniel Hartree-Halifax is a man with many talents and passions. If you ever have a conversation with Nathaniel, you’ll never struggle to find common ground, whether it’s in Italian renaissance art, Eastern European culture and geography, or delicious Caribbean cuisine.

Like in all aspects of his life, Nathaniel always goes above and beyond for his clients and his work. Before he joined Slate, he worked at CIBC as a fraud analyst for seven years. His uncanny ability to preempt obstacles means his clients can trust they’re in good hands.

Adding Nathaniel to our team has been a major plus. When we asked him why he left his career in finance to become a real estate broker, his answer was that he wanted to “do something that left a mark on downtown Toronto. A person’s home has a great impact on their quality of life.”

Nathaniel hopes to leave a mark by helping others with such a pivotal decision in their lives.

Jenelle Tremblett


902-719-9121 |

Organized, compassionate and personable, Jenelle Tremblett knows well the stresses and challenges involved with a move, and strives to streamline the process as much as possible for her clients.

Jenelle was raised in Newfoundland — and that played a significant role in developing her friendly disposition, however, she's anything but a push over.

"I'm a tough negotiator, a great communicator, and quick on my feet. I've moved 8 times in 9 years, including 4 provincial moves. If anyone can empathize with the stress involved in moving, it's me. I also consider myself a pro in turning a house into a home while staying within budget. My top tip: a fresh coat of white paint always does wonders."

Jenelle graduated from Dalhousie University with a commerce degree; her strong background in marketing and sales has afforded her the skills to steer clients through the home buying and selling process, but it's most often her empathy that leaves a lasting impression. Jenelle is always working to further her clients goals and make their dreams a reality.







Cliff Liu


416-996-9689 |

Passion, dedication, and great communication are always part of the experience when clients work with Cliff Liu. Prior to becoming an agent, Cliff attended HEC University in Montreal, where he received his MBA. Relying on his business expertise and enthusiastic approach to client satisfaction, Cliff’s been exceptionally successful in aiding clients with the most important and gratifying purchase of their lives.

"There’s nothing more exciting than moving into your new home. Endless possibilities and potential exists in each cupboard and corner, and in every room. I am truly excited to work in this industry and genuinely appreciate the joys and rewards that home ownership brings to my clients.”

Cliff is an ardent traveler with a love of new experiences; he’s backpacked all over the world and has seen much of what it has to offer. Travelling the distant corners of the globe has taught Cliff to be street smart and resourceful, traits which serve him well in his career in real estate.

Osman Omaid


647-303-5757 |

An agent with a calculated approach, Osman Omaid always seeks to understand his client’s wants, needs, and expectations. Utilizing top notch research abilities and great communication skills, Osman has excelled in finding the daylight between his clients desires and budget restrictions, to match them to the ideal location.

To compliment his significant market knowledge, Osman has a unique skillset to enhance his approach. Prior to his career in real estate, Osman completed a degree in renewable energy engineering—providing him with valuable expertise in the area of eco features and technologies, specifically those pertaining to real estate and housing development. Also, Oman’s somewhat of a video editing wiz with a knack for making his clients homes’ shine.

Osman has always called Toronto home and strives to guide his clients towards a home of their own in the city. "When someone acquires a property, I want to make sure it's in an environment where they can dig in their roots and thrive. I want to help people put forth the best fruits of their labour, and to push our world forward. It's simply my journey as an agent."

Janice Pang


647-855-8887 |

A real estate career was always part of the plan for Janice Pang. Between her childhood years in the suburbs and her adult years in downtown Toronto, Janice has acquired broad knowledge of the diverse communities that make Toronto a world renowned city. She adores the GTA and truly believes it’s one of the greatest places on the planet.

“Working with diverse groups of people and forming new relationships are their own rewards. I value the trust of my clients and strive everyday to exceed their expectations”.

Janice is a kind-hearted agent who’s driven by an adventurous spirit. She loves to travel, enjoys a range of outdoor activities, and is always onboard for a new experience. Janice has a passion for creating new and unique dishes from scratch, and clients have noted that she’s always ready with a new dining recommendation. Janice’s kindness and curiosity, and her enthusiasm for her work has allowed her to surpass client’s expectations.







Sarah Cromie


416-418-4126 |

Always calm under pressure, Sarah understands that real estate can be as stressful as it is exhilarating. That’s why this charismatic and personable agent is the kind of realtor who can keep clients motivated throughout the entire process.

Sarah’s broad range of interests is complemented with a General Bachelor of Arts degree from Wilfrid Laurier University. As someone who loves to travel and try new things, Sarah connects well with first-time homebuyers and young professionals looking for a place in the city.

Whether you’re searching for a cool loft in the Fashion District or a more upscale suite along Harbourfront, this savvy realtor knows where to look to find a good property. Ask clients what draws them to Sarah — and they’ll likely credit her natural curiosity and willingness to learn exactly what it is they’re looking for.

“With the right realtor, your property search doesn’t have to be stressful. And it doesn’t matter how long it takes; ensuring that my clients feel confident with their decisions always takes precedence over a quick transaction.”

Thomas Doyle


647-261-1866 |

Working with a real estate agent who knows the nuances of investing comes with untold benefits — and when that agent just so happens to be a financial advisor, you know you’re in good hands.

Thomas Doyle was carefully guiding clients to the best opportunities for years while working for TD Bank, and his financial expertise translated to immediate success with Slate Realty. Thomas wields considerable knowledge about mortgages, advertising, investments, and also with forming productive client networks.

Thomas’s career accomplishments are supported by a diploma in Business Administration and Finance, and he’s previously worked as a volunteer coach for youth programs. Thomas hails from the Maritime provinces and he’s done a stint in numerous parts of the country — observing virtually every type of dwelling in Canada.

Thomas always desired a career in the real estate industry and jumped at the chance to join the Slate Realty team. “Real estate is more than just property: We spend most of our lives inside of our homes, and how we see our space has an enormous impact on our daily outlook. Whether it’s a condo, a house, or a renovated barn, your home is your escape, and it should put your heart at ease.”

Steven Micallef


416-464-3116 |

Steven Micallef has been a great addition to the Slate Realty Inc Team, and his friendly, detail oriented approach has resonated with his clients. Steven’s path to real estate was anything but straight forward — he began as an art instructor, teaching art to underprivileged youths through a non profit organization.

After changing careers and pursuing real estate, Steven quickly found that his problem solving abilities and creative thinking allowed him to easily navigate the market and find creative solutions to any problems that arise for his clients.

“I’m always eager to share my knowledge of the real estate market and investing, because I find that educating clients is one of the quickest ways to build a lasting relationship.” Because Steven stays on top of current trends, he’s never caught off guard by changes in the market; which is something that has resonated with his clients.



Aaron Strohmeyer


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A superb communicator owning a repertoire of past experiences in sales — Aaron Strohmeyer prefers to lead by example, building trust with his clients through actions rather than words.

Aaron graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy; he began his career as a massage therapist but with a twist with — working for LA Fitness, in both Gym Sales and as a Personal Trainer. After gaining experience in the role, Aaron moved to Nobody Fitness and took a management position as the director of Personal Training; he also acquired a contract from the Ritz Carlton.

Aaron’s career path molded him into an ambitious self-starter, a networking expert, and an honest agent with a penchant for problem solving. “I love coaching, and I actually love being coached too: My approach with all clients is to provide the full picture with all the facts and guidance possible. If I don't have the answers — I’ll find them or I’ll direct my clients to someone who can.”

Aaron loves to golf, and fitness is a big part of his routine — unsurprising, given that he used to swim for Canada’s national team.

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